Picniic Summer Camping List

Nothing is better than a summer camping experience. However, whether you go for a night, or for a week, nothing quite puts a damper on your adventure than leaving something behind. Since often you’re far from any conveniences, it’s important to consider all the possibilities, and to plan and pack accordingly.

Fortunately, the Picniic family organizer has you covered. Never forget anything again with a little help from Picniic and your family.

Start With the Basics

In planning for your camping experience, you have to first think about the basics. Shelter, clothing and the equipment you’ll need to sleep comfortably are at the top of the list. Get everyone in the family involved so they can add to the family planner their own camping list of things they can’t do without. This may be where you realize that Tim can’t spend a night away without his favorite pillow, and that, despite what you thought, Kelly isn’t ready to go without her nightlight. Planning ahead, talking about what’s important, gives kids the chance to make sure their camping experience is top-notch.

This is also where you need to think about things that you take for granted at home. Things like food preparation and storage for instance.

Clothing for Every Possibility

Parents are going to want to be sure that everyone in the family is prepared for every possibility. That can mean rain gear, or at least boots for the morning dew, layers for colder evenings, extras of things in case someone finds the stream you suspect may be somewhere nearby. Making a list and checking it twice, then checking Picniic’s preset camping list to see whether there might be something even you have forgotten to include can save the trip.

It’s All About the Food

Part of the experience of camping, beyond sleeping under the stars and communing with nature, is the food. Anyone who has ever camped can tell you about one special meal, special either because it was prepared over a campfire, or perhaps because it was just a ‘camping only’ kind of unique experience. Picniic’s recipes can help you come up with a few meal plans that you know your family will love, and then you can get them involved, adding their own ideas to the family planner organizer and adding to the ‘shop for’ portion of the camping list.

How sad everyone will be without the chocolate and marshmallow for the smores you didn’t know they would want to make? How much of a hero will you be when you whip up banana boats for dessert and surprise everyone?

Don’t Forget the Fun

Food, shelter, and clothing are all important but there are so many other things to consider as well. What kinds of adventures might you want to get into? Fishing, hiking, bird watching, canoeing….can all require extra gear. What about things to do on rainy mornings, or late at night once the bugs are too bad to be out? Don’t forget again to get kids involved in planning what the camping adventure might include. They can research and plan activities they want to try, or maybe you’re seasoned campers and they already know what they love to do. Either way, making sure you’re equipped with all of the gear you’ll need for all of the activities day and night, good weather and bad, can make or break a camping experience.

Mother Nature

Finally, it’s important to consider all of the things Mother Nature may have in store. From rain that needs cover, to sun that will demand hats and sunscreen, checking the forecast and planning for just in cases are essential.

Depending on where you are camping, preparing for Mother Nature also means thinking about all of her creatures, big and small. Mosquitos can be a pain, ticks more dangerous for the potential infections they carry. In some areas, bear whistles or other gadgets to scare off raccoons or coyotes may also be in order. Check out guidelines from local officials or other campers to ensure you’re prepared.

A family camping trip can be an experience and an adventure kids remember for life. Get kids involved in planning the activity, and then use your family planner to make sure you have every possibility covered, and it will be a positive memory for everyone.

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