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one app
instead of 10
Services for
everyday life

A single pane of
glass for daily life

Provide everything your customers need for day-to-day life in one super app instead of 10+ apps.

With multiple interactions each day, you’ll become the first place they look for new services or products.

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medical INFO

piece of mind
in one hub

Boost your offering—whether that means using our parental controls and family locator, or our organization and communication applications, all within your existing service.

Choose a feature bundle like Family Safety to get started even faster: start with just Chat, Parental Controls, Locator and Files as one package.

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fall detection

Predict family
needs to enhance
share of wallet

Leverage the data from everyday life to predict family needs and offer relevant services and cross-promotions like vacation insurance, device upsells, and more.

This improved marketing segmentation will allow you to better understand and meet the needs of each household and customer.

device and
plan suggestions


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