7 Quick and Healthy After School Snack Solutions

“Mom/Dad, I’m hungry!” It’s like an automatic recording that plays as soon as your kids walk in the door after school. Do they even eat lunch at school? Judging by how famished they always are at this time of day, it seems more like they haven’t eaten in a week!

That means you must be prepared with filling healthy snacks when your children arrive home after school. However, during this stressful time of day, you need quick snack solutions that won’t require tons of preparation lest your offspring die of hunger by the time you are able to feed them!

Here at Picniic, we’re ready to help you with quick recipes you can throw together in minutes. Organize them so you won’t ever forget them by adding them to Picniic recipes or plugging them in to your Picniic meal planner on the app! Once they’re locked into the app, you won’t struggle to think of a snack ever again.

Check out these 7 easy but filling and healthy after school snacks:


1. Quesadillas

This versatile snack can be put together with whatever you have in the fridge as long as you have a base of cheese and tortillas. To make the snack extra healthy, opt for corn or whole wheat tortillas. You can even sneak in some vegetables into this cheesy treat.

Ingredients: Tortillas, cheese Optional: thinly sliced zucchini, thinly sliced tomato, salsa, leftover cooked chicken, black beans (either whole or refried)

All you have to do to make quesadillas is heat the tortilla in a skillet. Add the ingredients of your choice and fold the tortilla over. Heat until the cheese melts and the tortilla browns on the outside. Serve with salsa, sour cream and/or avocado dip. Yum!


2. Parfaits

If your kids have a sweet tooth, make these delicious, but healthy parfaits. Use a fancy clear glass or bowl to make them especially attractive.

Ingredients: fresh fruit of your choice, granola or breakfast cereal, yogurt

To make the parfaits, simply layer the ingredients starting with yogurt, then fruit, then granola and repeat until you’ve filled the dish. Use plain yogurt as the healthiest choice, only adding a small amount of honey if your kids will find it unpalatable otherwise. Some great fruit choices include berries, banana, chopped apples, kiwi or peaches.


3. Peanut Butter Dip

Make this peanut butter dip to serve alongside apple slices, pretzels, crackers or celery sticks. Featuring peanut butter and yogurt, this recipe packs in protein and calcium – both of which your kids need plenty. If you really need to save time, make a double recipe and serve a second batch another day, simply switch up what your kids will dip with.


4. Hummus and Veggies or Pita

Either DIY hummus using this easy recipe or just pick up a tub from the store. This protein packed dip is full of healthy fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Serve the hummus with carrot sticks, cucumber slices, celery stalks, cherry tomatoes, or pit chips. Your kids will fill up on good nutrition that also tastes delicious.


5. Fruit Smoothie

Another ideal snack for kids who love their sweets. You can use any fruit you have on hand to make a delicious and nutritious treat. It’s easy to prepare ahead of time for this after school snack by purchasing frozen fruit or freezing your own fresh fruit.

Ingredients: 1 cup low fat yogurt, 5 ice cubes, honey to taste, 1 cup chopped fresh or frozen fruit (blueberries, mango, kiwi, banana, strawberries, peaches, pineapple), 1/3 cup milk

This recipe makes 2 large smoothies. To prepare, combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. You can choose one fruit, or opt for a combination of fruits.


6. No Bake Granola Bites

For kids who love cookies, these granola bites are a healthier alternative that will fulfill their craving. The best part is that you can put them together in a matter of minutes and no baking is required. Head over to Tastes Better From Scratch for the full recipe. This recipe is healthy because it offers a source of protein in the form of peanut butter or another favorite nut butter. In addition, you’ll get plenty of fiber from the oatmeal and flaxseed.


7. Pinwheel Wrap Bites

This alternative to a regular sandwich is simple, but filling and healthy. You can even sneak in some greens and vegetables for kids who resist these foods.

Ingredients: large whole grain tortillas, sliced cheese, lunch meat, spinach or lettuce, sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise and toothpicks to hold the pinwheels together.

To make them, lay out one tortilla. Spread the mayonnaise over the tortilla. Then, add the lettuce or spinach in a thin layer. Place slices of cheese and lunch meat on top. Add the sliced tomatoes. Then, starting on one end of the tortilla, start rolling it up as tightly as possible. When you reach the other edge, secure it by sticking 4-5 toothpicks along the entire roll. Cut in between the toothpicks to create small bites and see the pinwheel pattern.

The recipe is versatile and you can adjust it depending on what ingredients you have available and what your kids like.


With these healthy snacks in your arsenal, you’ll never be caught unprepared for after school snacking again! Once you’ve planned out your week of snacks, simply add the ingredients to your shopping list on Picniic. Our shopping list can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have your phone, meaning you won’t ever lose your shopping list again and be stuck without ingredients for your kids’ essential after school snacks.

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