5 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate Your Table

Are you hoping to decorate your table with some Thanksgiving cheer? Fall colors and Thanksgiving themes are the perfect way to dress up your table this year on Thanksgiving day or all week long! Take a look at 5 fun Thanksgiving crafts you can use to decorate your table.


These crafts include simple projects you can do with your kids so that you gain some quality time with them, or you can do them on your own. You could even use some of the crafts as gifts for whoever your Thanksgiving host is. So, pick a few crafts, put on your artistic hat and enjoy some creative fun!




Looking for an easy to do craft that will offer great returns? These Thanksgiving napkin holders from Craftaholics Anonymous are your solution. Simply pick out some nice cardstock and print out these napkin holders. Then, all it takes is one cut and a bit of glue and your napkin holders are ready to go! Your family and guests will love finding their cutlery and napkins stuffed in these classic Thanksgiving napkin holders.


Looking to add a bit of pizazz to them? Glue on some lace, burlap, fall colored flowers or some berries! You could even encourage your children to draw and color some pumpkins or fall-colored leaves on them for a personal touch. Add your guest’s names if you’d like and these napkin holders double as place cards.




This cheerful table runner can easily transmit the Thanksgiving spirit and offer a fun craft to do with children all at the same time. To make this craft, all you need is a large strip of white or brown paper and some orange, yellow, brown and red finger paints. Take a look at the image in the link for inspiration, and then get started!


For best results, it’s best if you allow the table runner to dry after your children have completed their hand prints. Then, invite them to add on the details like the turkey’s legs, eye and wattle. You can use paint for these details or opt to use markers if that’s easier.


As alternatives, you could have your children make prints using leaves. You could even make potato stamps! To do this, simply cut a potato in half and then cut out a design such as a pumpkin or leaf. Then, dip the “stamp” in paint and place it on the paper.




These cute turkeys can decorate your table and then serve as a sweet treat afterwards! Featuring everyone’s favorite cookie, Oreos, and a few other candies, these turkeys are sure to be a hit. Simply add the ingredients to these edible turkeys to your Picniic shopping list and purchase them a few days before Thanksgiving. Then, quickly put the turkeys together on Thanksgiving morning and your table will be brighter and happier because of them. Older children can help create these adorable turkeys, although you may have to sacrifice a few ingredients as snacks for your workers in the process!




These turkey leaf lanterns are great table decorations. The dancing of a flame on the table is the perfect way to bring warmth and light to the table.


Too many turkeys? If you’d rather avoid this theme, then simply use leaves to decorate the lanterns and don’t add any turkey parts to them. Alternatively, use colored tissue paper to add other designs such as pumpkins, birds, apples or fall-colored flowers.


You can use real candles or battery operated votive candles to make your lanterns light up. Make sure that if you use real candles to be careful and ensure that they are only used with adult supervision. Remember not all jars are heat resistant, so be sure to check first!


These turkey leaf lanterns are also perfect to give as gifts for a host, friends, teachers or grandparents. Make a few extra and teach your children the joy of giving by having them give them out as gifts.




Make lots of these cute cornucopia place card holders from Bright Settings to place on each plate or make one large one as a centerpiece. With a few simple supplies, you’ll be on your way to making these gorgeous cornucopias. You’ll need twine, hot glue and a mold to follow. If you don’t want to use an ice cream cone, you could easily choose to use a piece of cardboard glued into a cone shape.


Then you can fill your cornucopias with whatever you’d like! Go for the cute felt leaves suggested in the blog or opt for a few real brightly colored fall leaves, real fruit, little baggies of candy corn, chocolate and candy pumpkins, or something else completely! Your cornucopias are sure to be a favorite at your Thanksgiving table.


Make sure that your Thanksgiving decorations come together with ease by using Picniic’s many features to plan. You can add the supplies you’ll need to your Picniic shopping list so that you won’t forget essential items. Then, program your craft day on Picniic’s calendar to make sure the whole family is available to participate. By planning your Thanksgiving decorations, you’ll have an easier time making them happen and avoid running around on Thanksgiving day.


Most of the above crafts can be pulled together in an hour or two. With minimal effort, you’ll enjoy decorations that will brighten your table and delight your guests. A little crafting with a cup of apple cider is just what you need this holiday season to take a break and bring cheer to your home.


Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving craft? Tell us about your Thanksgiving crafting experiences in the comments below!

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